Acid attack survivor Reshma Quereshi to walk at prestigious New York Fashion Week

  • Acid victim from India, Reshma Quereshi was invited to walk at the famous New York Fashion Week in September
  • Reshma is a popular face of the campaign #EndAcidSale and part of NGO ‘Make Love Not Scars’
  • Reshma’s presence in the event is an effort to campaign against conventional stereotypes associated with beauty

NEW DELHI, India – Reshma Quereshi was barely 18 years old when she was attacked in 2014 by her own brother-in-law and his accomplices.

Reshma was brutally attacked with concentrated sulfuric acid on her face; leaving her disfigured and scarred for the rest of her life. The teenager’s face was so badly disfigured that she even lost an eye and still looked scarred despite numerous surgeries.

Reshma’s courage and will were not lost because of the incident as she decided to stand firm and fight such antisocial elements. She is part of an NGO called “Make Love Not Scars” and also a popular face of a campaign called #EndAcidSale

Two years later, Reshma is set to be an inspiration to everyone as she is all set to walk on one of the most famous fashion ramps which is the New York Fashion Week taking place on September of this year.

An article by Ankita Rajeshwary for Times of India said that a New York-based fashion production house named FTL Moda contacted the NGO ‘Make Love Not Scars’ and requested Reshma to be a part of their show in the upcoming New York fashion week.

As such, Reshma couldn’t control her emotions and she broke into tears. The upcoming fashion will be Reshma’s first trip out of India.

New York Fashion Week had invited celebrities such as Beyonce, Madonna, and Lady Gaga to walk for them, too. Reshma is invited this year by the label to “revamp and re-conceptualize” the concept of beauty in fashion and also to spark off a discussion surrounding stereotypes of beauty.

The fashion show will be tailor-made specifically for Reshma.