Aiza Seguerra slams proposal to abolish SK

  • NYC Chairman Aiza Seguerra slams proposal to abolish Sangguniang Kabataan, says it’s a unique feature of Philippine democracy
  • This comes after legislators led by Speaker Alvarez said that SK should be abolished so the youth can focus on school
  • Seguerra urges lawmakers to continue believing in the Filipino youth

Former childstar-turned-National Youth Commission (NYC) chair Aiza Seguerra slammed proposal to abolish the Sangguniang Kabataan or SK, in light with the impending postponement of barangay elections supposedly set this October.

Seguerra says this will disenfranchise Filipino youth who are traditionally involved in barangay-level politics through the SK mechanism. “Please do not take the youth out of the governance equation.” Seguerra said in a statement posted in NYC’s Facebook page.

House of Representatives Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez said that SK should be abolished partly so the youth can focus on their studies. He said the youth are already represented in other channels, such as the Kabataan Partylist who is currently active in the lower house. Alvarez has earlier stated that he is for postponing the barangay and SK elections ‘for practical purposes.’

Seguerra appeals to legislators to think twice before abolishing the SK. “The SK is a unique feature of Philippine democracy. It is the most concrete expression of the constitutional mandate that encourages civic engagement among young people.”

The former singer also said that through the SK, the youth get to participate in governance, and as such it’s tantamount to ‘investing in the next generation of effective local and national leaders.’

He added “the SK is the embodiment of our faith in the capacity of the youth to contribute meaningfully in transforming the communities and in the process cultivating their leadership skills. Let us not deprive them of that.”

Seguerra was recently appointed by President Rodrigo Duterte as NYC Chairperson, while his wife Liza Dino was appointed to the Film Development Council of the Philippines. The couple staunchly supported President Duterte during his campaign.

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