AlDub vs. JaDine: ‘Jury’ says one of these love teams are faking their chemistry

  • Americans pitted AlDub and JaDine
  • One of the judges said that one of the love teams are faking their chemistry 100%
  • Judges praised one love team for being normal

If you would pay for $100,000.00 to watch a movie of these two love teams, which team would be your choice? Well, these three American pairs who served as jury in a three-round battle have already made their pick.

In a video organized by FOMO Daily, a YouTube channel that dives into global pop culture through their For The Win (FTW) segment pitted the two hottest Philippine’ love teams of today – AlDub of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza versus JaDine of James Reid and Nadine Lustre.

The ‘judges’ chosen, who have never seen or heard of the two love teams before, were asked to visit the Facebook pages of the two love teams and look at their posts for the first round.

According to one of the American judges, she believes one of the love teams are faking their chemistry for 100%.

Another said, “I think she needs to drop him, I think he is holding her career back.”

Contrary to the negative first impression to the first team, the second love team received praises from the judges.

In the second round, the trailer of the latest movies of the two – Imagine You & Me for AlDub and This Time for JaDine were shown to the judges.

According to one of them, he wants one of them to break up; said that he hates them.

To the other, “that they are better actors”, and “there is a chemistry.”

“If I pay $100,000 to see one of the other, I would say this is it,” said a male juror.

The third round goes to comparing the music videos of their movies.

As per the judges evaluation, one love team does not seem genuine while the other acts normally.

Who won and captured the heart of the judges? Who lost? To find out on how did these Americans evaluate the two, watch the video below:


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