Amazing Likeness! Miss U Pia Wurtzbach has a blonde American actress ‘twin’?

  • The ever lovely Miss U catches the spotlight again for having a ‘blonde twin’
  • Fans and followers noticed the huge likeness of the prettiest woman of 2015 to American actress Sara Paxton
  • The actress is now being dubbed as Miss U’s blonde twin

Hey! The most interactive Miss Universe of all times catches the spotlight again – but this time it’s because of a blonde woman who is being tagged as the blonde version of the Pinay beauty.

Yes, it looks like people who’ve been watching movies of American actress Sara Paxton were reminded of a black-haired beauty who became last year’s most beautiful woman in the universe – Pia Wurtzbach from the Phillipines

And as per social media sites, it sure looks like more and more fans and followers have noticed the huge likeness between the Miss U titleholder and the lovely American actress, Paxton, also a model and singer, who  rose to fame in 2004 after playing the title role in the series Darcy’s Wild Life and Sarah Borden in Summerland. 

Who wouldn’t notice the remarkable twin look?

At present, the actress is now being dubbed as Miss U’s blonde twin, and most likely everyone will agree.

A number of accounts have shared photos of the two beautiful ladies as they emphasize the striking resemblance between the truly lovely ladies.

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