Amid Duterte’s lambasting: Lacierda cheers De Lima up, tells her to keep the faith

  • Former presidential spokesperson told embattled senator to keep her head up
  • He said she must keep her moral in high ground amid personal attacks
  • He also told her to be happy with personal attacks, said it means her critics lack credible arguments

MANILA, Philippines – Rushing to the aid of embattled Sen. Leila de Lima, former presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda told her to cheer up after President Rodrigo Duterte publicly lambasted her as an immoral woman whose driver-lover peddled drugs.

On his Facebook, Lacierda said he lamented how Duterte berated not only De Lima, but also slain missionary Jacqueline Hamill and Supreme Court Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno.

“Maybe this is the new ethics that pervades our land. Change has come, among others, where women are insulted, or threatened or made a subject of personal canard. I wonder if this is the attitude that we will accord our womenfolk from hereon. I wonder if our fellow countrymen would approve disrespect to women or again justify this as his demeanor,” he wrote.

Quoting US First Lady Michelle Obama and former UK prime minister, the late Margaret Thatcher, Lacierda told De Lima to cheer up and continue her work despite the personal attacks because she has a “responsibility to always fight for the people and for the law.”

He also told her to be happy with the tirades because it means her critics don’t have anything else to hit her with.

“And second, let me part by leaving with you a quote from the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher – ‘I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left,’” he wrote. “Keep the faith!”

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  1. Kung ang ugali mo ay bastos eh di nanay at tatay mo ay bastos din di ba? Saan pa manggagaling ang character ng isang tao kung hindi sa kanyang mga magulang. Kung hindi siya marunong magbigay ng respeto sa mga kababaihan natin eh di wala pala siyang respeto sa kanyang ina. Iyan ang katotohanan at ang mga taong sumasangayon sa mga kabastusan ng pangulo ay mga taong wala ring respeto sa mga magulang nila.

  2. ba’t naging personal ang mga atake ni pres. duterte ky de lima? Eh, kaysa sa idisplay ang hidwaan publicly, bakit hindi na lng magsitulungan upang pugsain ang TUNAY na mga kalaban natin?

    Bakit ba, hindi naging imoral ang presidente?
    pareha lang naman clang tao ah

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