Angry Schooling defends “Aunty Yolly” from crabs: My second mom doesn’t deserve your bashing

  • Olympic gold medalist defends beloved nanny Yolanda Pascual from bashers
  • He said whoever’s accusing her of trying to claim credit should be shot
  • Pascual also aired her side, said she’s hurting from comments coming from fellow Filipinos

MANILA, Philippines – They should be shot.

Singapore’s first Olympic gold medalist Joseph Schooling had this in mind for his beloved nanny Yolanda Pascual’s bashers as he lashed out at them for accusing her of credit-grabbing.

In an interview with GMA News, Schooling said he is disappointed by some of the negative reactions hurled at his “Aunty Yolly” especially after she was thrust into the limelight following his win.

“It’s disappointing hearing all these accusations of her trying to ride me and trying to use my success, you know, to increase her popularity,” he said. “I think whoever said that should be shot. That’s stupid. That really pissed me off. That’s not true at all.”

Schooling also again emphasized that Pascual is just like his “second mom” and thanked her having taken care of him since he was a year old.

For her part, Pascual denied trying to horn in on Schooling’s glory,

“I never claimed or said to anybody na ako ang nagpalaki sa kanya, ako ang yaya niya, ako po, wala po akong comment na ganito,” she said.

[I never claimed or said to anybody that I was the one who raised him, that I was his nanny, I never made a comment like that.]

Pascual, who said she took care of Schooling for 19 years as if he was her own son, added that the negative comments were especially hurtful as some of them came from her fellow Filipinos.

Nevertheless, Pascual reiterated that she will continue to look after her ward just the same despite her compatriots’ negativity.

“Not just because of money, but because I love him,” she said.