ATM deals and phone calls: Duterte to produce tape recording linking De Lima and driver to drugs

  • President ready to produce a tape linking De Lima and her driver to illegal drugs
  • He said tape recording contains senator’s exchanges with driver and dealings with Bilibid drug lords
  • He also promised to present photos showing De Lima cavorting with drug lord during his b-day

MANILA, Philippines – “I’ve been listening to you, my lady.”

Amid Sen. Leila de Lima’s denials of her involvement in the illegal drug trade, President Rodrigo Duterte promised to produce a tape recording of the solon and her rumored lover Ronnie Palisoc Dayan as proof that she really was a coddler of drug lords in Bilibid.

In his weekend interview, the president said his revelation is in response to De Lima’s incessant attribution of lies to him and his administration.

“Kung magsabi ka na killer itong mga taga gobyerno, which is really an insult, so you get an insult also. You get to impute, attribute a lie to us, then I’ll tell you, the public about the truth of you. No, what you can do I can do ten times better, parang ganoon iyon. I will produce to you a tape,” Politiko quoted him as saying.

According to the president, tape — which was given to him by a foreign country — said the recordings show De Lima and Dayan’s complicity with drug lords incarcerated in the national penitentiary.

“Even the ATM (automated teller machine) and the calls emanating from Muntinlupa to her driver,” he said.

Though Duterte admitted that the tape would not be admissible in court due to the country’s wiretapping laws, he would confront De Lima with it if he gets the chance.

“If she would face me, kaming dalawa lang, the two of us and I would tell her to explain to me your immorality and explain to me your connection to the drug deal,” he said.

The president added that he would also release pictures of De Lima cavorting with a detained drug lord in Bilibid during his birthday. He said he managed to get the photos after exhaustive surveillance on her alleged illegal activities.

“Yes, we have been also tailing her. She said follow me. I’m not only following her, I’ve been listening to you, my lady. I’m not only following you, I’m hot on your tails,”  he said.



    • Sick? The lady is sick. If proven true, coddling drug syndicates while DOJ Sec. in power.

      Maybe you’re sick too?

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