Bangladesh ambassador insults Filipinos, calls them “thieves” and “prostitutes”?

  • Bangladeshi Ambassador John Gomes allegedly insulted Filipinos by calling them “thieves”
  • He also once remarked that half of Filipinas are prostitutes
  • These revelations were supposedly contained in a letter written by a Filipina who once worked at the embassy but was illegally dismissed by Gomes

MANILA, Philippines – Bangladeshi Ambassador John Gomes allegedly despises Filipinos that he routinely called them “thieves” and once claimed that “half of the Filipinas are prostitutes”, this was according to veteran journalist Alex Magno of the Philippine Star.

In his column “First Person” early this month, Magno said Gomes is known to throw tantrums inside the embassy and often targeted Filipinos. Once, the envoy allegedly threw trash at a Filipino staff.

This revelation was supposedly contained in a letter written by a Filipina who worked at the embassy but was terminated by Gomes without giving the benefits due to her. The letter supposedly exposed Gomes’ tyrannical behavior not only against Filipinos, but also his insults against former President Benigno Aquino III.

Alona T. Contridas filed the complaint before the National Labor Relations Commission against Gomes for illegal dismissal. She further claimed that Gomes only paid her P12,000 out of the P15,000 monthly salary she was supposed to receive.

It turned out that the envoy was ‘skimming’ P3,000 from her monthly pay.

Contridas said she was regularly abused by Gomes who would often call her a “stupid lady” and a “dirty woman” in front of others.

“He routinely called Filipino “thieves” and once made the claim half of Filipinas were “prostitutes,” wrote Magno.

In the same letter sent by Contridas to the Bangladesh prime minister and to Malacañang, Gomes allegedly described President Aquino as “the most stupid president in the world”.

While it remains uncertain if Aquino read the letter himself, copies of which were reportedly attached to Contrida’s complaint before the NLRC which ruled in favor of the Filipina surfaced.

However, her case has been elevated to the Court of Appeals (CA) after Gomes claimed diplomatic immunity.

Gomes is the same Bangladeshi official who is pressuring the Philippine Senate into returning the $81-M stolen by hackers from their central bank and found its way into a local bank.

Read Mr. Alex Magno’s full column HERE.



  1. If they have common sense, the hackers were Chinese and those who benefited are Chinese also just happen they get their dirty money on PH lands.

  2. THIEVES hate to be robbed!!!
    Gomes, How many of your countrymen are prostitutes in the Arab countries???!!!

  3. Obviously this ambassador is gay who’s been dumped by his lover over a Filipina!
    First, look around you, Mr. Ambassador, look after your countrymen and women before you point your dirty finger on anyone else!

  4. I’m not saying it didn’t happen, but I am saying that the only evidence/backing for these quotes is a letter, and that letter was written by someone who is pissed off she was terminated and thinks she is owed more money.

    Notice she didn’t quit because he said all these terrible things.

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