Bato dela Rosa tells drug surrenderees: Kill the drug lords who victimized you

  • PNP chief addressed drug users who surrendered to the police
  • He said they are just being used by the drug lords as a means to an end
  • He told them to kill the drug lords and burn their houses
  • He said it is not right for these people to continue enriching themselves

BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental – PNP chief Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa urged drug users who surrendered to turn on the drug lords and annihilate them; saying they shouldn’t be allowed to continue living a luxurious lifestyle at the expense of their victims.

In his address to 1,200 drug surrenderees in Bacolod City, Dela Rosa told them they were just being exploited by the drug lords who continue to enrich themselves at their expense.

“Kayo ay ginagamit na instrumento nitong malalaking tao, drug lord na nandito ngayon. Sila ang  yumayaman, maganda ang pangangatawan, maganda ang buhay dahil sila ay hindi gumagamit ng droga,” GMA News quoted him as saying.

[You’re just being used as instruments by these big fish, the drug lords who are here now. They are the ones becoming rich, are living a healthy and good life because they are not using drugs.]

Saying that these drug lords would be hard to pin down because they have the resources necessary to use the justice system to defend themselves, Dela Rosa told the surrenderees they could finish off these drug lords since they are the victims.

“Nag-eenjoy sila sa pera na galing sa inyo, pera na nakakasira sa inyong utak habang sumasaya sila. Kilala n’yo sino ang drug lord dito. Gusto n’yong patayin? Patayin n’yo. Pwede kayong pumatay dahil kayo ang biktima,” he said.

[They are enjoying the money you had brought them, but they are ruining you while they are enjoying. You know who the drug lords here are. You want to kill them? Kill them. You can kill because you are the victims.]

“Kilala n’yo naman ang mga drug lord dito. Puntahan n’yo ang bahay, buhusan n’yo ng gasolina, sigaan ninyo. Ipakita n’yong galit kayo sa kanila,” he added.

[You know who the drug lords here are. Go to their house, douse it in gasoline and set it on fire. Show them your rage.]


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