Brazilian gymnast wows crowd with ‘Beyonce’-inspired floor routine at Rio Olympics

  • The crowd’s attention captured by a Brazilian gymnast
  • Series of cartwheels and flips executed superbly which earned her roars from the audience
  • Brazillian gymnast finished fourth behind three American nemesis

A 17 year-old Brazilian gymnast captured the crowd’s attention with her Beyonce-inspired floor routine in the most-awaited floor exercise competition of the gymnastics events of the ongoing Rio Olympics.

The instant online celebrity made her first appearance in the Olympics in her own country after being previously beset by injuries that kept her out from competing in top level gymnastics competitions.

Rebeca Andrade started her performance with a powerful tumbling line; hitting the mat between each skill in timing with Beyonce’s Crazy in Love music.

The young gymnast then turns to the crowd, bends her knees and twerks a bit with the music.

She hops, wiggles her hips, performs several sky-high leaps and nails another tumbling line to match with the opening notes of Beyonce’s Single Ladies.

The series of cartwheels and flips she executed superbly nailed a perfect landing which earned her roars from the audience.

Rebeca ended her performance with a double backflip; ending the line of skills effortlessly.

The Brazillian gymnast finished fourth behind three American nemesis Simone Biles, Aly Raisman and Gabby Douglas who topped the gravity-defying tumbling lines and dynamic dance movements famed floor exercise contest.

Rebeca also competed in the Amanar vault, one of the toughest in the sport, during the qualification round.

Let’s take a look at her performance: