Brutality of workers from food chains’ chicken supplier caught in horrific video

  • KFC and McDonald’s chicken supplier Tyson Foods’ workers recorded punching, kicking and stamping on heads of live birds in horrific video
  • An animal rights group recorded the incidents, exposed to the world what is happening inside the supplier’s factories
  • Tyson Foods, which runs the factory, says the ten members of staff have been fired

VIRGINIA, USA – A video posted by an animal activist group named “Compassion Over Killing” showed the workers of chicken supplier punching, kicking and stamping the heads of live poultry in various factories in Virginia, and is currently receiving flak from animal rights activists.

An article by Tom Polansek for Mirror Co UK said that Tyson Food Inc, which is is currently the supplier of chicken for KFC and McDonald’s, runs all the factories where the activist group has secretly filmed the undercover investigation.

The video shows how brutally the birds are punched, kicked and swung in the air by their fragile wings. One of the workers is even seen standing on the head of a live chicken.

Tyson Foods said that they have fired all ten members filmed in the video carrying out brutal beatings. The supplier is also planning a retraining to handle live poultry on animal welfare policies.

Jereco Paloma mentioned in his article for Morning News USA that this is the fifth time that the brutal abuse of the animals is filmed secretly at Tyson’s farms since 2015; however, the condition of animals were not seemingly improved.

“Compassion Over Killing” fights for the animal rights and had recorded the footage in May and June. The animal rights group later posted it on their website to encourage vegetarianism.

“Animal cruelty is not the product of a few bad actors. It’s a systemic issue that the company needs to address,” said Erica Meier; the executive director of the activist group.

“Tyson should be held accountable for the horrors inflicted upon these animals,” Meier added.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from KFC US denied that they are getting their chicken from the particular plant where the video was taken.

“KFC US does not receive product from this particular Tyson plant. We are committed to the well-being and humane treatment of chickens and require all suppliers to follow strict welfare guidelines developed by leading experts,” the spokesperson said.

To watch the video, which some viewers might find disturbing, click here.