CebuPac flight attendant sues wife of “colonel” who slapped her

  • Airline flight attendant sued passenger who slapped her for slander and physical injury
  • Passenger claimed she’s wife of a colonel, refused to be held at the airport
  • Cebu Pacific to ban woman from all flights

MANILA, Philippines – Charges of slander by deed and slight physical injury have been filed against the woman passenger who berated and slapped a flight attendant of a Davao City-bound Cebu Pacific flight last July 30.

The complainant, Madel Ty, submitted her complaint to the Davao City Prosecutor’s Office against Maria Vicenta Tello of ORC corner Sinsuat and Gutierrez Avenue, Cotabato City.

In her affidavit, Ty — who was the lead cabin crew member at the time— said Tello became unruly after her fellow flight attendant Grace Fatima Magtibay politely told her to stow her bag in the overhead bin as part of the plane’s safety compliance because it was too big to be carried inflight.

Tello, who was already wearing a seatbelt, refused and instead cursed at the flight attendant.

“You ask us to wear seatbelts but you tell us to put the bags down. You job is to assist passengers. Go******t! So rude!” she reportedly said.

After talking with her fellow flight attendant, Ty then asked Tello to again place her bag in the overhead bin. In the end, it was she who stowed the bag after the latter refused to comply with her request.

During this exchange, Ty apologized to Tello as she muttered about how rude they were and even offered her a feedback form.

The complainant then said that Tello waited until the rest of the passengers left the plane after it landed before approaching and then slapping her. One cabin crew member claimed Tello said she wanted to slap Magtibay.

At this point, another cabin crew member told Tello she must report to the airport police for assaulting Ty. However, the respondent refused to be held by the police and insisted that it was the crew’s fault. She also reportedly name-dropped her husband; saying that he’s a colonel before leaving the airport.

According to the Philippine Star, Tello is the wife of Sr. Supt. Agustin Juan Tello, the head of the PNP’s logistics and research division in ARMM.

For its part, the airline company said it is banning Tello from all its flights in the future, as well as rendering the necessary support to Ty.

“Following thorough investigation on this incident, CEB’s Blacklist Committee has decided that the passenger who carried out the assault will not be allowed to board any of CEB’s flights, until further notice,” the airline said.