CebuPac stewardess threatens to sue woman who slapped her over luggage row

  • A Cebu Pacific stewardess claimed she was slapped by a woman passenger
  • The row allegedly started when one of the cabin crew refused to stow the woman’s luggage
  • The woman allegedly claimed to be the wife of a ranking military official
  • The flight attendant threatens to sue the passenger over the incident
Image from ????????? ?????? Facebook page
Image from facebook post

MANILA, Philippines – A stewardess of Cebu Pacific is purportedly suing a woman who allegedly verbally and physically abused her during a misunderstanding over a luggage during a recent flight.

The story was told by the stewardess on her Facebook which has since been taken down (or turned private) after it went viral on social media.

According to her, the incident left her traumatized but she decided to share it to warn others, especially her colleagues in the industry.

She narrated she was not actually the subject of the woman’s ire but another flight attendant. But since she was the assigned lead cabin crew, she stepped in on behalf of her colleague.

The stewardess did not elaborate on what really happened but the tiff apparently started when one of the cabin crew refused to stow the passenger’s bag.

“Basta the bottom line, kaming mga cabin crew/flight steward our main priorities are your safety and not to carry or lift your bags,” she said.

“Ang kinasasama lang ng loob ko sa napakasimpleng bag na ‘di ma stow nang maayos kailangan mo kaming sabihan na ‘your job is to assist passengers, kumbaga sa bus, mga konduktor kayo! Go*****it!’” she narrated.

[What upset me is that for simply failing to stow your bag you have to tell us ‘your job is to assist passengers, like what ‘conductors’ do in a bus, Go*****it.]

She also defended her job and tried to ignore the woman’s tirades. She added she even apologized repeatedly but still ended up getting slapped in the face by the irate passenger.

“But this is too much. Di ako pinag aral ng magulang ko (My parents didn’t send me to school)  just for you to slap me,” she said

“In the end, hindi naman kami yung nagmumukang walang pinag-aralan at walang manners eh. Well ayaw ko na pahabain pa to. Madami nakawitness sa nangyari,” wrote the flight attendant; adding that she hopes to see the woman in court.

[In the end, it’s not us who looked uneducated and lacking in manners. Well, I don’t want to prolong this anymore. Many people witnessed the incident.]

The post was accompanied by photos showing the cabin crew’s cheek and neck turning red, apparently after getting hit by the angry passenger.

She did not identify the passenger but other websites suggested the latter introduced herself as a wife of a general, although this could not be immediately verified.

Also, since there are always two sides to a story, this page is open for the other party to explain herself, and for others who have a first-hand account of the incident.



  1. Bat nga mabibigat sng mga kamay ng Pilipino? Sampal, pingot, suntok, palo, batok, kurot, at mahilig magtututo? It’s everywhere. Hopeless na ba talaga?

  2. Naiintindihan namin na hindi mo deserved masampal. Pero ate naman kung makikita mo lang ibang FA sa ibang airlines sila mismo naglalagay at tumutulong sa mga pax na magbaba at maglagay ng mga bag sa overhead compartment. Ginawa ninyo na lang sana ng maayos ang trabaho ninyo.

    • Hindi. Pag low cost carrier hindi talaga nila pinapakealaman anv bag mo. Kung nornal flights oo pero pag low cost hindi. Matagal nako nagtatravel at madalas sa ibang bansa pa at low cost din madalas. Saka normally pag bumili ka ng ticket nakalagay dun na hindi ka nila tutulungan mag stow ng baggage.

      • Does this imply na kapag low-cost airline ang sinakyan mo e, low-cost din ang services and level of professionalism ng FA nila?
        Just asking.

        • Yes. Alam ng lahat yan. Kasi nga low cost e. Madaming services na hindi available compared sa mga mamahaling airlines. Sinasabi ko lang experiences ko. Example easyjet, magbabayad ako ng 20€ flight tapos sa isang normal 100€ big difference. Sa 100€ may food, 2 bag pwedeng dalhin, tutulungan ka sa baggage mo. Mabait sila etc sa easyjet, waley. Kung kelangan mo ng tulong sa baggage mo sa kapwa pasahero ka hihingi ng tulong kasi hindi ka tutulungan ng stewardess. Lahit yung airplanes na gamit ng mga airlines, mas comfortable yung mga mamahalin na airlines kesa sa low cost.

          • So, dapat pala yung pasaherong nanampal, since low-cost yung cebupac na sinakyan niya e, hindi dapat umasa ng magandang serbisyo.
            Tutal ang claim e, wife ng isang high ranking military eklavu, dapat nag-business class na lang siya at hindi siya nag-economy.

        • There’s a reason why carry-ons are only allowed at a maximum of 7kgs, para madaling mabuhat at mailagay sa overhead bin. Flight attendants are discouraged from helping passengers put their bags in the overhead bin. Flight attendants have very important roles in every flight and having one less flight attendant from a flight due to an injury incurred helping a passenger stow a baggage is one less professional helping you safely evacuate an aircraft in case of emergency.

          Cabin crews undergo tedious training. It’s a professional job much like any other professions. They are not to be treated as utusan during flight. Unfortunately, some people have these wrong self entitlements acting like they are above others.

  3. We don’t really know what has transpired between the passenger and the FA.
    That’s a wake-up call for both the passenger and the FA.
    Wake up call for the passengers to not resort to treating anyone as a less significant species below them. Wag mag-asal hayop sa kapwa mo.
    Wake up call for the FA to broaden their understanding of their scope of work, to treat and to welcome each passenger as part of their responsibility until they have reached their final flight destination.
    Bottomline, respect begets respect.

  4. Being an ex FA, I have experienced such passengers who think they could boss the cabin crews around. The international airline company I worked for strictly implemented that all cabin crews should not stow luggages as it is the passengers’ responsibility to do so. Prioritize on the safety of the crew rather than risk injury due to wrong body mechanics when stowing (specially) heavy handcarry bags. Nonetheless, we can still assist finding them space to stow their luggage at all cost. Moreover, if the bag is really heavy, but i doubt it would be more than 7kg which is the standard, crew and passenger can help each other stow it together to lessen the weight somehow. FA should not immediately refuse to help, they should be smart enough to offer alternative solutions. Airline companies present a friendly image to its passengers, i know some FAs look highly of themselves sometimes that they no longer attend to the needs of passengers and just chit chat and gossip without being sensitive to those passengers who can see and hear them. We do not know both sides of the story, though physical violence should never have taken place. That is definitely foul.

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