Chinese woman claims she’s 17 months pregnant…and still counting

  • A Chinese woman claimed she has been pregnant for 17 months and still the baby hasn’t come out
  • Doctors doubt her claim, especially that she refused to undergo an ultrasound
  • She further claimed her weight ballooned from 52 kg to 78 kg
  • The expectant mother is said to be healthy and will undergo C-section on her 18th month

It was a shocking claim that doctors refused to believe, but a pregnant woman in China insist she’s already 8 months past her due.

A woman named Wang Shi from Tianping City told local media that she got pregnant in February 2015 and was due to give birth in November of the same year.

However, it’s already August 2016 and the baby has yet to come out; much to the amazement of her neighbors.

Mrs. Wang said she became worried after her due date passed and nothing happened. She went to the doctor for consultation but was told the baby is still surprisingly premature.

She had since returned to her doctors almost every week or so, but apparently the baby is still not ready to come out, even for a caesarian section procedure. She had also gained tremendous weight over the past eight months; ballooning from 52 kilograms to 78 kilograms.

But some doctors doubted Wang’s claim; saying her condition was medically impossible.

“I checked the results, she’s probably about 38 weeks pregnant, it all looks very normal,” said a doctor from a local hospital maternity department.

 “There is no evidence, medical or otherwise, that suggests she’s been pregnant for 17 months… we would just be taking her word for it,” the doctor explained.

More doubts were cast against the woman’s claim after she reportedly refused to undergo an ultrasound procedure.

Also, she failed to provide medical record to prove that her last menstruation was in 2015.

Nevertheless, the expectant mother’s husband believes her, but is dumbfounded that no one can explain her condition.

“Experts say there are women who gave birth after 13 months of pregnancy, but never 17months. They can’t explain the reason,” he told the People’s Daily.

Wang is said to be in perfect condition, health wise, and is scheduled to undergo the C-section on her 18th month.

If her claim proves to be true, Wang is set to have the longest pregnancy on record; surpassing American Beulah Hunter who gave birth after 375 days, or almost 12.5 months.

The woman’s normal pregnancy period is only nine months or approximately 280 days; between 38 to 40 weeks.