Claudine defends daughter from basher who said she has bad attitude

  • Actress Claudine Barretto defended her daughter Sabina from a basher who said she has bad attitude
  • The basher commented saying that Sabina’s new nanny left because of her bad attitude
  • Claudine posted a collage to prove that Sabina’s nanny has been with her for 12 years now

Actress Claudine Barretto defended her daughter Sabina from a basher who said that she has a bad attitude that caused her new nanny to leave.

In an article that was posted on Chisms, it was disclosed that the bashing started after Claudine posted on her Instagram account a birthday greeting message for Yaya Ging.

“This is our Yaya Ging. She has been Sabina’s Yaya/Second Mom for 12 years. It’s her birthday today and she has always been so loving and maalaga kay [caring to] Sab pati kay [and to] Saint. Happiest birthday, Yaya Ging! We love you,” Claudine captioned the photo which she posted on Instagram.

An Instagram user, however, started attacking the Barrettos. Aside form saying that Sabina has a bad attitude, the basher also stated that Yaya Ging is doing a double job for the family – as a cook and a nanny to Sabina.

Claudine did not let the thing pass. She posted another photo — a collage showing Sabina’s happy moments with Yaya Ging since she was young — to disprove the claim of the basher.

“Ayan nag effort ako para sa ‘yo. Pa check-up, ka malala ka na [Here, I even exerted effort for you. Have yourself checked, you already have a serious problem],” Claudine told the basher in the comment section.

A lot of supporters also came to defend Claudine and her daughter; telling the basher to mind his own life. One of them even claimed that her son and Sabina are shoolmates and she has been seeing Yaya Ging when the kids were younger.

“My son and Sabina goes to the same school. I’ve been seeing Yaya in school when Sab was younger. She’s still with you pala, it’s rare that you find a devoted and loving yaya,” @racquel917 wrote.