Coming soon: Duterte to rename Malacañang Palace to People’s Palace

  • President planning to rename seat of executive power
  • He is abhorring the current name because it reeks of foreign imperialism
  • He said the new name would make government feel more open to the people

MANILA, Philippines – From Malacañang Palace to People’s Palace.

Known for his populist stance and distaste for foreign influence, President Rodrigo Duterte said he is planning to rename the 200-year-old seat of executive power to the People’s Palace.

“Call it Malacañang Palace, I only call it The People’s Palace. One day I will rename it, People’s Palace,” the Philippine Daily Inquirer quoted him as saying.

Duterte explained that the current name reeks of imperialism, it having been built and used by the Spaniards and then by the Americans to rule over the country.

“Hindi naman palasyo eh. Noon lang ‘yan sa mga panahon ng mga p*********g  pumunta dito at ginawa tayong alipin. ‘Yung mga Español pati mga Amerikano, sino pa?” he said.

[It’s not a palace. It was only called that during the time of those sons of whores who went here and made us slaves. The Spanish and the Americans, who else?]

Duterte also gave a bit of history about the word ‘Malacañan’.

Oo. Tanggalin ko [Yes, I will replace it]. You know why? [The] word Malacañan’, sucks with imperialism. Totoo. Sino man ang nagpangalan ng ‘Malacañang Palace? Mga Español man ‘yan [It’s true. Who gave it the name Malacañang Palace? It’s the Spaniards]. Why should I not just address it as the “People’s Palace of the Republic of the Philippines,” he said.

The famously bombastic Duterte had blasted both the United States and the United Nations for interfering in what he said was the country’s internal affairs with regards to his campaign against drugs. He also recently warned China to approach the Philippines in good faith as the two are set to begin talks on the West Philippine Sea.