Coming Soon: World Peace Games Philippines 2017

Philippines, Get Ready For 2017 International Peace Games!

For the next several months, Manila will be preparing for a major international presence to attend the next session of the International Peace Games to be held in the Philippines in 2017.

Ms. Jobily V. Vargas, Philippines Coordinator said that the International World Peace Games chose Philippines for its 2017 championship in coordination with the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC), and other establishments in the Philippines.

She further shared with enthusiasm that this event in the Philippines will be a unique one and very successful for all the area; adding that “It will also support tourism and other sectors in our country. We are so glad that The PSC was very happy and very supportive.”

Vargas also said: “We need them to write to the present President Rodrigo Duterte for his information and support.”

The International Peace Games World Championship was established by Dr. Yves Angelloz and so far has conducted many tournaments in several countries in order to spread the culture of love and peace throughout humanity and stop violence in all its forms.

The International Peace Games promote cooperation and love among all the peoples of the world.