COMMENTARY: The “Shabulized” Duterte’s List

Soon the word “shabulized” will likely be added to the Oxford English Dictionary together with the other 40 words of Philippine’s origin that are already part of its lexicon.

“Shabulized” will be remembered as the word used by Duterte to describe his utter desperation of the magnitude of the drug menace gripping a particular province.

“Iloilo,” he said, “is the most “shabulized” province of the Philippines. Meaning, Iloilo apart from any other province is where the use of Crystal Meth or “shabu” is more concentrated, entrenched, and widespread, because some government officials are in it.

Iloilo, per Duterte’s list he read before the wake of the four NPA slain soldiers in Camp Panacam in Davao City has a Judge, a Governor, a number of Mayors and Vice Mayors and scores of policemen involved in the shabu trade.

Before Duterte read the personalities allegedly involved in the illegal drug trade, he made a disclaimer. His list could be true or not, although he ordered its validation. And because he read it, he’s the only one responsible for it.

Those personalities in the list he warned them that within 24 hours, they must go to their respective unit, give up, clear themselves, or face manhunt.

Most of the personalities mentioned in Duterte’s list beat the deadline.

Particularly for the police who presented themselves, PNP Chief Ronald dela Rosa gave them the utmost beating; he cursed, chastised, and castigated them to the bone.

Then told them: Tell all you know. “Bato” dela Rosa’s statement is fully loaded. It seems one can see the rationale behind the “named-shamed” tactic of the Duterte’s list: that is to extract an intel from the deep strata of the illegal drug operation – meaning, “shabulizing” the Duterte’s List.

Potentially, the logic of Duterte’s list would short cut, enhance, and efficiently suppressed the scourge of illegal drugs. Just in time for the 6-month target, or earlier, judging from how the drug campaign evolves.

As promised by those personalities in the Duterte’s List, out of fear for their life, a full cooperation would be expected of them. No hanky-panky game. Their deposition would be invaluable; they would be collated, assessed, and put teeth on it, and pin down whoever is responsible – then hopefully, shabu menace would be done over with.

Duterte’s List paid off unexpectedly.

Fralz Sabalones, the Vice Mayor of San Fernando, Cebu, who thought himself to be clean, out of mistaken identity, his name got into Duterte’s List. On the other hand, Franz Sabalones, his brother, who turned out to be the Central Visaya’s No. 2 Drug Lord, was excluded. Since the Vice Mayor’s brother wanted a new life, and for him to correct the mistaken identity, he accompanied him to surrender to the PNP Chief Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa.

And it turned out Franz Sabalones sang out vital information that the Crime Investigation Detection Group (CIDG) said, would give a fatal blow to the drug operation in the country.

An alternative meaning of “shabulized” came to light in this respect.

It means an extraction of vital information from players that relates to the operation of illegal drugs.

Nice word invention with double entendre by Duterte.