Daughter of Melanie Marquez wants to follow footsteps of beauty queen mother

  • The daughter of former Miss International Melanie Marquez also wants to be a beauty queen like her mom
  • Michelle Dee is currently a ramp model and is planning to join beauty pageants in the future
  • However, Dee insists on making a name of her own and not use her connections

The daughter of Miss International 1979 Melanie Marquez says she wants to follow in the footsteps of her mother and be a beauty queen in her own right.

Michelle Dee, the beauty queen’s daughter with former partner businessman Frederick Dee, is planning on joining a beauty pageant.

“Yes, I do have plans to join. It’s been running through my mind ever since. Nafee-feel ko rin na may potential din sana ako. [I feel that I have the potential],” she told ABS-CBN News, although she did not reveal any further details as to which pageant she plans to pursue.

The 21-year-old is currently a model who made her runway debut earlier this year for clothing company Bench.

However, despite her superstar connections, Dee insists that she wants to advance her modelling career on her own merit.

“I came to shoots as Michelle Dee. I never told them that I’m also a Marquez until they started asking about my background,” she once told the Inquirer.

In fact, she also tried to be discreet about her plans to be a beauty queen, even initially keeping it a secret from her mother.

“I want to make it not just through her connections. I want to make a name for myself also,” she explains.

However, having a supermodel mother also has its perks as Marquez has been supportive of her daughter’s fashion career and even giving her tips, despite her busy schedule shuttling between the Philippines and the United States.

Marquez is currently living with her American husband in the US while Dee is living with her father in the Philippines.

“She told me to make sure that I project the clothes well because the designer or retailer’s ultimate objective is for other people to buy it. I shouldn’t fuss over myself too much. My main concern as a model should always be how to best carry the clothes,” Dee says.