Dela Rosa: We are not butchers, we’re human too

  • PNP chief blasted critics for painting cops as killers during Senate hearing
  • He said they’re human too and make mistakes, are risking their lives because of their duty
  • He also said it hurts for him to file raps against own men, but stressed it’s needed for truth’s sake

MANILA, Philippines – An emotional PNP chief cried foul over the portrayal of policemen as bloodthirsty killers amid the government’s campaign against drugs, saying they don’t take lives needlessly as their critics would like others to believe.

“Bakit may ibang sektor na pinapalabas kami ay masama? Yan po ang sama ng loob namin. Hindi kami mamamatay taoo. Kami ay mga pulis. Hindi kami butcher na pinapatay ang mga tao na walang karason-rason,” GMA News quoted PNP Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa as saying during the second day of the Senate hearing. “Kami ay tao lang. Nakakafeel din kami ng frustration. While gustong gusto naming gampanan namin ang papel sa mundo as pulis, kami ay tao din. Mahirap iexplain.”

[Why are there some sectors who are painting us as bad? That’s why we feel bad. We are not killers. We are police. We are not butchers who kill people without reason. We’re just human. We also feel the frustration. While we would like to play our role as the police, we’re also human. It’s hard to explain.]

Saying cops are human too and make mistakes, Dela Rosa appealed to detractors to at least give them a fair shake even as he admitted it hurts to have to file cases against his own men.

“Kami ay binuwis namin ang aming buhay. Ang mga pulis ko nagkakakaso. Kami ay tao lang. Nagkakamali  kami. Di kami perpekto. Sana naman po ang treatment sa amin ibabalance lang din po,” he said. “Masakit po. Tao namin ito, pero kami ang nagfifile ng kaso dahil we’re after the truth and justice.”

[We are risking our lives. My men are facing cases. We’re just human. We make mistakes. We’re not perfect. We hope you can balance your treatment of us. It hurts. They’re our men, but we have to file cases because we’re after the truth.]