Direk Manny Castañeda alleges Aquino admin received drug money

  • Director Manny Castañeda alleged that the Aquino admin was a recipient of drug money
  • This has supposedly become evident following the ‘suspicious’ actions of Senators De Lima and Drilon who questioned the ‘drug list’
  • He further alleged that the past administration was aware of the existence of ‘narco-politics’ but chose to ignore it
Image capture of Castaneda's Facebook post
Image capture of Castaneda’s Facebook post

MANILA, Philippines  – Veteran director Manny Castañeda has presented a conspiracy theory accusing the Aquino government of receiving drug money; further fueling speculations that the last administration had done very little, if any, to combat the illegal drugs in the country.

In explaining his theory, Castañeda said the actions of Senator Leila De Lima – who accused Duterte of witch-hunting – and Senator Franklin Drilon – who demanded adherence to the rule of law when the President released the names of the ‘narco-politicians’ is allegedly enough proof to raise suspicion about their motives.

De Lima and Drilon are known allies of former President Benigno Aquino. Both run under the Liberal Party (LP) of the defeated administration candidate Mar Roxas.

“Instead of being jubilant, it was noticeable that the yellow personalities became suspiciously defensive. Everything was done to discredit the list and to make it look irrelevant and useless,” Castañeda wrote on his Facebook two days ago.

“There must be a more substantial reason for this tirade other than just sheer dislike for Pres. Duterte as a political adversary. The noose is getting tight maybe?” he went on.

The director-writer also alluded to early reports claiming that the Aquino government was fully aware of the existence of ‘narco-politics’  but chose to ignore or do nothing about it.

Instead, Castañeda continued, the illegal activity was allowed to proliferate “virtually unhampered”.

Based on these actions, where one allows something to continue to happen, he explained further, the Aquino administration effectively condones the illegal activity; and thus can be accused of “protectionism”.

“With all the circumstances mentioned, I cannot help but conclude that the Aquino administration was a recipient of drug-money. It is only this motive that can explain their behavior,” Castañeda said.

“If this is true… the Aquino administration has a very thick blood on their hands, blood of victims who died and lives destroyed due to illegal drugs,” he added.

This, the director concluded, is purportedly more deplorable than stealing the government funds.

Read Manny Castañeda’s full post here.

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