Disrespectful: STI students posts picture of them raising middle fingers at teacher on FB

  • Students posted picture of them flipping off a teacher in class on Facebook
  • Online condemned the students for being disrespectful
  • Female student said they have apologized to the teacher involved

MANILA, Philippines – Days after a woman sparked online fury after she shamed a man for not giving her his seat in the MRT, another incident has riled up the online community—this time involving a group of students who disrespected their teacher.

The students, said to be from STI College in Davao City, uploaded on Facebook a picture of them raising their middles fingers at a teacher whose back was turned to them.

“ATM. Regards sa naka PINK”, read the picture’s caption, in clear reference to the teacher who was wearing a pink blazer.

The picture quickly sparked anger on social media, with many readers calling out the students for their utter lack of respect.

Others also tracked down the original uploader and shared her name on Facebook: a certain Paulyn Saberon.

Sorry for the Post

On its Facebook page, WOWOW Philippines posted the apology purportedly written by Saberon on behalf of her classmates.

In her post, Saberon apologized and said they did not mean to hurt anyone with their gesture. She also said she and her classmates are owning up to their mistake and have apologized to the teacher.

“Humihingi po kami talaga ng sorry sa lahat lalong lalo na sa lahat ng teachers at student na na apektohan nito. Naka pag sorry na din po kami sa aming teacher,” she wrote.

[We would like to really say sorry to everyone especially to all teachers and students who were affected. We also said sorry to our teacher.]

Saberon also asked for forgiveness from the online community, saying they realized they were wrong.

“Hope na matanggap niyo po ang dispensa namin,” she wrote.

[We hope you can accept our apology.]

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  1. Imbes na nagle-level up ang asal ng kabataan, saan papunta?
    Someday, these idio*s will face their own KARMA!

  2. Poor kids. Soon they will know the meaning of “not employable” and how “may forever” when one is referring to posts on the internet.

  3. ang dami na tlgang kupal ang pasikat! pasikat in BAD WAYS! Mga tarantado! Mga walang modo. Bastos.

    • Dapat now pa lang na malambot pa ang sungay ng mga tinamaan ng lintek na yan e, baliin na.
      Let them have the repercussion ng kanilang kabastusan!
      Kung ano ang inihaba ng dila at inilaki ng bunganga nila e syang liit naman ng mga utak nila!

  4. Both my parents were educators that’s why I am extremely disgusted at this. I hope STI kicks out these cretins and gets blacklisted in other schools too. If they want to act worse than animals, I say we should just let them be.

    Sitting at the back of the class? Obviously ayaw mag-aral at bulakbol lang gusto ng mga ito. Ang daming mahihirap na gusto mag-aral, these fools don’t deserve an education.

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