Dog gets adopted after waiting for six months outside hotel of German flight stewardess in Argentina

  • Flight attendant Olivia Sievers from Germany decided to adopt a dog named Rubio
  • Rubio waited outside Olivia’s hotel in Argentina for 6 months
  • He followed her everywhere she went after she showed him affection
  • Olivia has flown him home to Germany for a new life

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – A stray dog in Argentina had a life changing experience after he started waiting for German flight attendant Olivia Sievers for six long months and end up being adopted by the airline worker.

Sarah Dean mentioned in her article for Mail Online that the story of the dog and Olivia started when the flight attendant showed the neglected dog kindness and attention upon meeting him for the first time, six months ago at Buenos Aires in Argentina.

Olivia, an animal lover, gave some food to the neglected dog and spent some time to play. From that day onwards, the dog started his mission to be part of Olivia’s family by constantly following her whenever she arrives in Argentina.

The stray dog, whom Olivia named as Rubio, is now staying in Germany after the flight attendant decided to adopt him.

“I tried to change my way as I didn’t want him to follow me to the hotel but it was not possible he always followed me so I tried [to wait] one hour but he always watched me and followed me,” Olivia said in an interview by Noticiero Trece.

Rubio used to wait outside Olivia’s hotel with his big puppy dog eyes every night.

“I met him in January or February this year when I was in Buenos Aires. I was walking around very early in the morning, we played and I had some dog food,” Olivia said.

“This dog really wants some friend and some attention, really he’s always looking for a human,” she added.

Surprisingly, every time Olivia came back to Buenos Aires, she found Rubio waiting for her outside of her hotel. Olivia, after seeing that the dog follows her every time, worked hard to find a home in Buenos Aires that will accept Rubio. However, the dog ran away and continued waiting for her outside the hotel near the sliding doors.

Olivia fell in love with the dog and his persistence, eventually, made her decide to bring Rubio home in Germany. The flight attendant flew him to Frankfurt, Germany. Olivia keeps Rubio’s fans updated regularly through her Facebook post with him.