Don’t stop ’til you drop? Well, these two women pass out after epic 8-hour argument on the street

  • Two women in China argued continuously for eight long hours
  • Apparently, no one was willing to back down — until both of them fainted in exhaustion
  • Witnesses said the women didn’t eat nor drink during the shouting marathon

Both stood their ground and no one was willing to yield their case – arguing for 8 long hours – until they were consumed by exhaustion and eventually collapsed.

Two middle-aged women, who remain unnamed,  became an internet sensation in China after they were photographed arguing incessantly for eight hours in the middle of the street and under the blazing heat of the sun; both refusing to back down.

The extraordinary shouting match reportedly occurred on Tuesday last week.

The couple were seen in a non-stop verbal exchange on the street of Ankang in Shanxi province, ignoring the crowd and the heat, and without taking a break either for a drink or some food.

Shanghaiist said in a story that the two female were shouting at each other, apparently over a debt settlement, although it is not clear who owed money to whom.

One of them supposedly called the police who suggested to settle their disputes before a court, but the other party allegedly refused.

Around 10 pm, passersby were shocked to see the two ‘street warriors’ eventually collapsing, next to each other; apparently from exhaustion.

Locals have called the police again who found one of the women foaming in the mouth.

Netizens in China were both amused and stupefied at how a normal human being could continuously argue and shout for a third of the day without eating food or drinking water.

“I’m so impressed that they can shout at each other for 8 hours straight. On another note, them lying down on the ground next to each other is so cute,” Shanghaiist quoted one netizen as saying.

“Holy sh*t, I will never again underestimate the desire women have to win an argument,” said another.

Nevertheless, the women were both rushed to the nearby hospital and is now said to be in stable condition.