Drunk husband gets head stuck in a metal door after wife locks him in storage room

  • A man was locked in a storage room by his furious wife after quarreling over his alcohol problems.
  • The man gets head stuck in hole on metal door of the storage room when he tried to escape
  • Firefighters had to be called to release the man
  • Firefighters set the man free after carefully expanding the hole with a hydraulic tool

JIANGSU, China – A man faced a difficult time while trying to escape from his own storage room in an incident at Jiangsu province of China.

The 43-year-old man named Zhang had a quarrel with his wife over his alcohol problems. The furious wife shoved the husband in a storage room at their home in Xuzhou, China and locked the metal door from outside to block him from the booze and to make him sober.

Zhang, who found himself trapped in the storage room, started to look for an escape.

An article by Scott Campbell for Mirror Co UK said the man got his head stuck in a hole on the metal door of the storage room.

In his drunken state, he seemed to believe that he can pass through the tiny outlet and tried forcing himself out.

Obviously, the man’s fiendish plan didn’t work and after shoving his entire head through the small space, he found himself well and truly trapped.

Zhang’s wife then opened the door and tried to free her husband. However, even as the couple tried their best to relieve the man, they failed numerous time.

Rescuers came to their aid and found the man’s head was swollen and hurt from their failed attempts to get him free. After half an hour, the local firefighters set the man free by carefully expanding the hole with a hydraulic tool.

He was later taken to hospital for a check-up. Reports said he did not suffer any serious injuries.