Duterte admits threat leaving UN was just a joke

  • President Duterte says the threat to leave the United Nations was just a joke
  • He also asks in jest: ‘Where are we going? Association of the sunken?’
  • He says UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon could have sent him a personal letter expressing their concern on extrajudicial killings

President Rodrigo Duterte said that he was just joking when he threatened to pull out from the United Nations after one of its experts publicly called on him against the extrajudicial killings of those people captured in his massive anti-drugs campaign.

“Di ka marunong mag-biro pa? Saan tayo mag-join? Association ng mga lumubog?”  the President was quoted as saying in a video by Rappler.

[Can’t you spot what’s a joke? Where will we join? The Association of the sunken?]

“[The UN] should behave the way they should behave,” he also said, pointing out that calling him out directly was an improper behavior on the part of the UN rapporteur on summary executions Agnes Callamard.

“She was so rude. Do not do that because you are addressing me as president and you are pointing to the police structure. This is a government. Why would she directly – is she stupid?” Duterte strongly blurted.

He said that the UN official should have confided first with her superior, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon.

“There has to be a superior who will write a letter. Or there should be respect before saying anything about genocide,” he said.

Duterte threatened last Sunday that the Philippines will pull out of the UN, following Callamard’s verbal intervention on the administration’s anti-narcotics operations that is believed to have caused the spike of the extrajudicial deaths.

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) was quick to explain the President’s statements on Monday. DFA Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. explained that Duterte was just exhausted at the time when he issued the statement during a midnight presser.

“We are committed to the UN despite our numerous frustrations with this international agency,” Yasay clarified.