Duterte confirms De Lima is the ‘immoral woman’ senator: It’s my duty to name her

  • President positively identified De Lima as the ‘immoral woman senator’ in his scathing speech
  • He said he has a duty to identify her since she attacked him first with libel and slander
  • He also said she went too far with her attacks, hence his retaliation

MANILA, Philippines – It’s Leila de Lima.

Hours after he gave a scathing speech about a woman senator who committed adultery with her driver with alleged links to the drug trade, President Rodrigo Duterte confirmed it was De Lima  he was referring to.

“I can, because it’s part of my duty. I’m okay with that. You want to know the name? De Lima,” he told Rappler and other reporters during a press conference at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3.

According to the president, he named De Lima as part of his duty and because she went too far with her attacks against him.

“You libeled me, you slandered me. I kept quiet because you are a lady. Sumobra ka na [you went too far]. Well, maybe you won on the platform of human rights. Ang bugok namang Pilipino naniwala sa iyo. ‘Yung bumoto lang din sa iyo. Hindi naman lahat e [These stupid Filipinos believed you. But only those who voted for you. Not everyone did],” he said.

Hours earlier during the PNP’s 115th service anniversary in Camp Crame, Duterte said there was a woman senator who had an affair with her driver who took drugs from Muntinlupa.

“Here is an immoral woman, here is a woman who funded the house of her lover. Those money came readily from drugs. The intercept between Muntinlupa and the driver were far beyond making sure that somebody was involved,” Duterte said; adding that the woman senator may have received drug money from her driver.



  1. Hahahahaha…..
    Can’t wait para sa iba pang mga “recordings” chuvaness ni delima ang lumabas!
    Sunod-sunod na yan!

  2. Oh boy, tingin tingin sa salamin pag may time dear President. I didn’t know you were concerned about morality. All of a sudden.

    • Morality per se, that’s gonna be a “battle” of who’s who in the land.
      Who is a bit more immoral in the eyes of the “moral” (that is if there’s anyone clean out there?)

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