Duterte fears “Arab missionaries” may contaminate Moro rebels with “ISIS disease”

  • President Duterte said he observed a number of Arab missionaries arriving in parts of Mindanao
  • The Arabs are not armed, but they are here for indoctrination
  • Duterte fears the Arab missionaries could infect Muslim insurgents with “ISIS disease”

President Rodrigo Duterte fears that the country may face Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or ISIS terrorists in three to seven years’ time as he observed a number of white people, supposedly Arabs, arriving in Mindanao for missionary works.

“I see a looming problem, three to seven years from now we will have a problem on ISIS,” the President said before members of the Philippine Army’s 1st Infantry (Tabak) Division at camp Sang-an in Labangan town in Zamboanga del Sur on Wednesday afternoon, August 10.

“In some parts of the island of Mindanao, may taong puti and I suppose mga Arabo na. They are here as missionaries. Wala silay armas [there are white people. I suppose they are Arabs, and they are here as missionaries. They are not armed] but they are here for indoctrination, that’s what I’m afraid of,” he added.

The President said the possible threat of ISIS in the country should not be ignored and taken lightly.

He likened the works of the Arab missionaries to that of the communist movement’s political officers who entered local communities and brainwashed the residents.

“Like communists, if they have established their influence, then that’s the time their political officers come in,” he said.

The Arab missionaries, Duterte said, must be arrested before they could gain followers among Muslim insurgents and infect them with “ISIS disease.”

As mentioned in CNN Philippines story dated August 11, 2016, the President warned that the ISIS menace could be the country’s next problem in three to seven years if it is not addressed now.



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  1. Freedom of religion, cant do anything about it. We can only infiltrate and kick them out right away or jail time if there is any evidence of attempt at radicalization. Fundamentalist cannot hide their true motives all the time.

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