Duterte: ‘Marcos trauma’ is gone, just look at the millions of votes for Bongbong

  • Duterte believes the ‘Marcos trauma’ is gone; judging from the millions of votes Bongbong got last election
  • His statement came amid opposition from various groups to bury Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani
  • Duterte added Marcos could have won if he was not ‘cheated’, as the latter insists

MANILA, Philippines – Bongbong Marcos may have been defeated, but his millions of votes showed that the ‘Marcos trauma’ among Filipinos is finally gone; this was according to President Rodrigo Duterte.

Duterte made the statement on Thursday, amid the opposition from some human rights groups and martial law victims to bury former president Ferdinand Marcos, Sr. at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

“Tingnan mo pagtakbo ni Bongbong. Iilan diperensya lang sila, tsaka 200,000. Tapos sabihin ninyo na it’s still fresh?” Duterte told reporters during a press conference in Davao City. [Look, when Bongbong ran (for vice president). How much was difference, only 200,000. Then you will tell me it’s still fresh?)

“Even Bongbong Marcos was saying he was cheated. Maybe if he was not cheated , he could have won,” said the president.

The President’s remarks came just days after the Supreme Court issued a ‘status quo ante order’ temporarily stopping any plans to bury Marcos at the Libingan over the next 20 days.

Duterte said Bongbong’s impressive showing in the election, where he lost to Leni Robredo by a hairline amid allegation of fraud, could be an indication that the so-called ‘Marcos trauma’ from martial law years is gone.

“Well, even then I said the number is a very minimal — if it’s indication to you that there is no more such thing as a Marcos trauma just look at the results of the election. It will tell you that… Si Leni is naghabol sila,” he added.

Duterte also reiterated that he doesn’t care whether Marcos is a hero or not, because the fact remains that he is a soldier and former president.

On the lingering argument whether Marcos is a good president, Duterte said it depends on what perspective one looks from, but as far as he knows, “almost half of the country says that he was a good president.”