Duterte on Robredo: I kept on staring at her

  • Duterte again admired Robredo for her captivating looks
  • The President said he can’t help but to stare at the Vice President
  • He also joked the military won’t follow a ‘beautiful female president’

President Rodrigo Duterte again issued some flattering remarks for Vice President Leni Robredo regarding her looks.

“I said to myself, don’t do it, the President would be ashamed. But actually I kept on staring at her,” the President shared to several soldiers he visited at Camp Sang-An in Zamboanga del Sur on Wednesday.

In his speech, Duterte, known for being a ladies man, said that if he encounters misfortune while visiting dangerous areas in the country, the Philippines would have a woman president.

But the President quipped: “You won’t listen to a female president, you will just stare at her because she’s beautiful. I keep looking at [Vice President Robredo] in the Cabinet meeting.”

The joke elicited laughter among the military who are in parade rest.

Rappler earlier released a video during the campaign where Duterte was admiring Robredo’s captivating charm.

He said that he wants to appoint Robredo as “assistant president” because she is beautiful.

Duterte and Robredo’s relationship started out rocky with the President saying he will not give the Vice President a cabinet position so as not to hurt the feelings of his friend, former Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

Marcos and Robredo battled for the vice presidency in the last elections and he is protesting her victory before the Supreme Court.

But the relationship warmed up when they met personally for the first time during the turnover ceremony at the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). This was followed by Robredo paying the President a visit in Malacañang. Days after, she was appointed as chief of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council.

“She is beautiful, she is ladylike. She is kind. I have no problem with her as Cabinet member,” he also said of Robredo.