Duterte orders police not to arrest Nur Misuari

  • Pres. Rodrigo Duterte says he ordered authorities not to implement the arrest warrant against Nur Misuari
  • He revealed that he had a recent phone conversation with the MNLF leader
  • The Chief Executive said he is willing to meet with Misuari

President Rodrigo Duterte has released a marching order for authorities not to implement the arrest warrant against Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) leader Nur Misuari.

Duterte revealed that he recently had a phone conversation with Misuari further stating that he is willing to meet with the Moro leader.

“I can go to him, I can go to Jolo if he wants. Or if he wants somebody there, they can bring him back to Davao City or in Manila. He can be my guest in Malacañang, in the People’s Palace, and we can talk there for a while,” the President was quoted saying in an article written by Nestor Corrales on Philippine Daily Inquirer.

The Chief Executive revealed that he ordered the police to lift the standing warrant of arrest for Misuari if he surfaces.

“Well, if there is a warrant of arrest, all I have to do is to not implement it against him because if you arrest Misuari, you place him under the custody of the police diyan sa (in Camp) Crame and he dies for whatever reason, kompromiso na tayo (we will be compromised),” Duterte disclosed further stating that he will instruct the chiefs of police and the military not to arrest the MNLF leader.

In stressing this, Duterte revealed  he wants to talk to Misuari rather than waste government money on fighting with the rebels.

Disclosing that proper dialogue is the key to all absurdities, Duterte said that peaceful process allows the government to save money which can be used for people’s livelihood instead of war.

Misuari has a standing warrant of arrest on charges of rebellion.