Duterte says he won’t do a ‘Marcos’

  • Pres. Rodrigo Duterte vows not to declare Martial Law
  • He made the promise in the presence of repatriated overseas Filipino workers who returned home from Saudi Arabia
  • Duterte says : “I won’t do a Marcos. I have no plans to become a dictator. I’m a lawyer”

Pres. Rodrigo Duterte vowed that he won’t declare martial law.

This was his conviction amid his intensified crackdown on illegal drugs, an article written by Nestor Corrales on Philippine Daily Inquirer stated.

“I won’t do a Marcos. Wala akong balak maging diktador. Abogado ako. Sabihin nila I have no plans to become a dictator. I’m a lawyer. They say [I’m like]) Marcos, far from it. I am just doing my duty as President or else I will compromise,” Duterte was quoted saying at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Naia) as he welcomed repatriated overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) from Saudi Arabia.

The tough-talking President continuously reiterated that he intends to wipe out the illegal drugs trade in the country soonest.

As such, the chief executive has repeatedly said that his war against drugs would be unrelenting, issuing a shoot-to-kill order to police for resisting criminals.

Earlier, Duterte threatened to declare Martial Law following a clash with Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno regarding the supposed involvement of several judges in the illegal drug trade. Thus, the fear that he is following the late strongman’s footsteps arose from it.

However, Malacañang spokespersons, cleared that Duterte’s comment was just an exaggeration to emphasize the gravity of the drug menace, which they likened to a national security threat.

Meanwhile, no-less than PNP chief Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa reaffirmed his support for the President; further noting that he is backing his commander-in-chief all the way even if he declares Martial Law.

In stressing this, Dela Rosa said he believes Duterte’s decision to declare Martial Law would be anchored on his concern for the welfare of the Filipino people and on self-gain.