Duterte: There will be an ongoing purge, cleansing process in government

  • Duterte said there will be purging in government even without declaring Martial Law
  • He vowed to cleanse the government of rogue public officials, especially those involved in illegal drugs
  • He also warned those who have already surrendered not to play around with the government

MANILA, Philippines – There is more to come.

Barely six weeks into his presidency, President Rodrigo Duterte seemed to be only warming up in his relentless campaign to rid the country of crimes and illegal drugs, just as he promised before the election.

On Monday night’s press briefing, Duterte renewed his promise to expose more public officials who are allegedly involved in the illegal drug trades in the country.

He said there will be “purging” even without declaring Martial Law, and the targets are mostly rogue judges, politicians, police, military and other officials, especially those linked to drugs

“There will be an ongoing purge sa gobyerno (in government). Cleansing process, because there are so many people who are mostly policemen and government officials involved in the drug industry,” the president said, clarifying that he uses the word “purge” in its generic sense.

The president added it is not his duty or job to threaten people, but he is merely pouring out his sentiment in public because there seems to be no end in sight to the proliferation of illegal drugs even among government officials.

“It is not the duty of a President to threaten people. It is not my job. But I am warning you,” said Duterte.

Duterte also warned those he named in the ‘drug list’ not to commit the mistake of surrendering and playing around with the government campaign because he has the means of monitoring them.

The president also vowed to exposed next the barangay officials and prosecutors tainted with illegal drugs.

On Sunday, Duterte released in public the names of 159 public officials – judges, mayors, congressmen, police and other officials – with links to illegal drugs.

Following his announcement, dozens have voluntarily showed up at Camp Crame either to surrender or to clear their names.