Duterte to attend FM burial, but will respect SC if it issues TRO

  • The President said he might attend the burial of Ferdinand Marcos at the LNMB
  • However, he said he will defer to the SC if it issues a TRO
  • He also reiterated he is just following the law

MANILA, Philippines – With preparations to have Ferdinand Marcos’ remains transferred to the Libingan ng mga Bayani, President Rodrigo Duterte indicated he might attend the late strongman’s burial.

“If I’m in good health and there is no pressing matter to attend to, I might,” the Philippine Star quoted him as saying. “I just would like to emphasize to everybody that I allowed the burial of Marcos because it is the law. “He is qualified. He is not a hero, fine. But he was a president.”

The president also said Vice President Leni Robredo won’t be able to persuade him otherwise amid reports she is seeking his audience to stop the burial.

“My oath of office says to enforce the laws of the land. Here is a family whose father, husband was a former soldier. Maybe it’s not true that he was a hero, I will grant you that. But he was a president,” he said.

In case of the Supreme Court issuing a TRO to stop the transfer, however, Duterte said he will abide by the high tribunal’s decision.

“I will follow what the highest court of the land would order, the rule of law,” he said; without commenting much further on the ground of subjudice.

The SC has scheduled the hearings on August 24 after several opponents of Duterte’s plan filed a petition to stop the burial. It also directed Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana, along with the Marcos heirs, to file their respective comments within five days.

The transfer of the late strongman’s remains to the Libingan has drawn both support and criticism.