Duterte to big-time tax evaders: You’re next

  • The President announced big-time tax evaders are next on his list
  • He said they are destroying the Filipino people by not paying their dues
  • He also revealed that he has a list of wealthy personalities who don’t pay taxes

MANILA, Philippines – Tax evaders, better start paying up.

Amid his war on drugs, President Rodrigo Duterte also promised to go after wealthy personalities he said were shirking from their tax obligations.

According to Duterte, these big-time tax evaders are destroying the country and their fellow Filipinos by not paying their dues.

“You’re cheating government. You are destroying the Filipino people. It won’t happen during my watch,” the Philippine Daily Inquirer quoted him as saying.

Duterte also revealed that he is set to announce a list of wealthy tax evaders. He warned those in the list that if they continue evading taxes, then he will have them brought to the police for questioning.

“All those who are rich, pay your taxes. I will be announcing formally, but I want to have the list, completed. Lahat kayong milyonarong mayaman dito sa Pilipinas [All you rich millionaires in the Philippines], pay your taxes or I will invite you for questioning,” he said.

The president then again took a swipe at the country’s oligarchs, especially businessman Robert Ongpin and accused them of enriching themselves at the expense of the poor.

“That’s the way you understand it. Payaman kayo ng payaman, milyonaryo [You just want to get richer, you millionaires],” he said.

Ongpin recently resigned from Philweb after Duterte accused him of enriching himself by making Filipinos addicted to online gambling.

“How am I supposed to protect the younger generation, how do I collect the right taxes?” the president asked, after referring to the proliferation of online gambling centers across the country.


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