Duterte to China: Invading us will be bloody, so approach us in good faith

  • Duterte warned China to deal with the PH in good faith
  • He guaranteed China will be left bloodied if it invades the country
  • The President said he hopes China will deal with PH sincerely, to insist on using UN ruling

MANILA, Philippines – In his sternest remark yet directed at China, President Rodrigo Duterte warned the country’s giant neighbor to deal with the Philippine side in good faith lest they end up going to war over the West Philippine Sea.

In such a scenario, Duterte promised the Chinese they will be bloodied if they decide to invade the Philippines.

“I guarantee to them na kapag kayo pumasok dito [that if they invade our country], it would be bloody. And we will not give it to them easily. It would be the bones of our soldiers, isali n’yo na yung akin, pero [include my own, but] we will not allow any country to invade the Philippines. We will not allow any country to bamboozle us,”,” the Philippine Daily Inquirer quoted him as saying.

To avoid war, Duterte said he hopes China would approach the Philippines in good faith as they seek to settle their dispute peacefully.

“I hope China is dealing with us in good faith. They seem to be conciliatory,” he said.

At the same time, however, the president made clear that the Philippines would eventually insist on using its victory in the Permanent Court Arbitration (PCA) as its basis in the talks.

“They better come up with what they want. Because whether we like it or not, that arbitral judgement will be insisted not only by the Philippines but by the whole countries here in Southeast Asia,” he said. “We will not raise hell now because of the judgment, but there will come a time that we have to do some reckoning about this.”