Duterte warns ISIS not to go overboard, says they might bring out the worst in him

  • Pres. Rodrigo Duterte warns terrorist groups, the ISIS in particular, not to go overboard with their violent activities
  • In stating the warning, he said he will not allow terrorist groups to harm his countrymen
  • The tough-talking president said: “If you do that, you also bring the worst out of me

President Rodrigo Duterte warned terrorist groups, particularly the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), not to go overboard with their violent activities.

The tough-talking President made the warning in his speech during the oath-taking of government appointees in Malacañang Palace on August 15 as he stressed that he too can play their “barbaric”game if atrocities committed by the group in Middle East and Europe be done in the Philippines, an article written by Pia Ranada on Rappler stated.

We have seen a barbaric practice and even cutting the throats of people in front of the world. Hindi ko alam (I do not know) how to meet this kind of – If you do that, you also bring the worst out of me,” Pres. Duterte was quoted as saying as he added that if the terrorist groups can do that, he can do it 10 times better than how they do it.

Before his warning, Duterte gave an account of ISIS atrocities that show how far they have departed from any political or religious ideology.

“ISIS, they don’t have any political ideology. They don’t have any concept of what really God is. You maim people, you kill them, and women who refuse to have sex with them, they simply burn them,” he noted.

Earlier, Duterte claimed ISIS followers from another country have allegedly been visiting parts of Mindanao.

His fierce warning reads: “I’m just warning people na huwag ninyong sobrahan (don’t go too far) because I would never, never, never allow my country to be destroyed by simply terrorism at itong droga (and drugs). Hindi talaga ako payag (I won’t allow it).”