Duterte willing to close Congress if solons ‘fool’ people on Cha-Cha

  • Pres. Rodrigo Duterte said he is willing to close Congress if lawmakers “fool” people over Cha Cha
  • Duterte is pushing to change the country’s constitution to introduce federalism
  • Duterte said he “will be the last one to agree to anything there that would destroy our country”

President Rodrigo Duterte sent out a clear warning to lawmakers who would use his Administration’s attempt in revising the Constitution in order to establish a federal form of government; saying he is willing to close Congress if they would “fool” the people.

Duterte, who has expressed support for Congress to form itself as a Constituent Assembly to revise the nation’s charter, urged lawmakers to do their jobs properly.

Mamili kayo. Totoo. You do it properly, do not… Huwag mong lokohin ang tao. ‘Pag pinilit ninyo ‘yan, sarado ko kayong lahat. Matakot man ‘yan. Ihalo ko kayo doon sa mga adik. [You choose. That’s true. You do it properly, do not… Do not fool the people. If you insist in doing so, I will close you all off. They will be afraid. I will mix you with the addicts],” he said in a speech, as previously quoted by GMA News.

The President, however, defended his colleagues in Congress; many of whom formed a “supermajority” behind Duterte.

“We should not be too judgmental about the members of Congress. Kasi ito sila [Because these people], you can tell by the track records that they have. Ito naman [They] have been elected, reelected, reelected, nagpahinga lang [rested a while], reelected, reelected. If ang acceptability nila sa tao ganun [If their acceptability with the people is this case], so who are we to judge that they are not competent?” he said.

The President also coaxed fears that the proposed charter change would be used for political and personal gains.

“Believe me. I will be the last one to agree to anything there that would destroy our country. The only reason I won is that I carried the right message. I have to stop corruption. Now I’m telling you, it will really be a clean government. For the nth time, I’m telling you that. So do not be afraid of whatever method that they would use because your guarantee is myself,” he said, as previously quoted by the Inquirer.