Elderly woman gets help from kind stranger who received her ‘wrong-number call’

  • Car salesman saves elderly woman in a jiffy
  • Wrong number turned into a right call
  • Rescuer travels 2 miles for woman in distress

DANG VUONG, a 34-year-old car dealership manager in Newcastle, UNK, heard the pleas of an injured woman in a “wrong-number call” and promptly came to her rescue; traveling at least two miles by car to do it.

The woman, an elderly grandmother, fell inside her bathroom while showering last July 21 but she managed to use the telephone to dial her granddaughter’s number, but the call got connected instead to a car-dealers shop some two miles away.

Vuong told a local news site, Chronicle Live, that his receptionist at a car showroom at Stratsone BMW was the one who took the misdialled call; passing the phone over to him. Instructing the receptionist to keep on talking with the injured woman, Vuong rushed to the woman’s home where he found her bleeding and in a shock on the bathroom floor.

Vuong scooped her and put her on a sofa, covered her with a blanket and waited until the injured woman’s caretaker and family came.

The story first came to light when Sara Tweedy, the injured pensioner’s granddaughter,  in a Facebook post, thanked Vuong for coming to the rescue of her grandmother; lauding his act of heroism.

“We can’t thank him enough for what he has done for her, there really is some caring and thoughtful people out there that don’t get recognized for what they do,” Tweedy wrote.

Tweedy’s Facebook post told the whole story:

“I would like to say a massive thank you to the manager at BMW Silverlink for helping my nana today. After falling in her house this morning she tried ringing my Mam, however, she got 2 digits wrong which led to her ringing BMW. The manager got in his car and went straight to her house where he found her on the floor and her bath which was almost ready to overflow. He picked her up and cleaned her mouth which was cut and able to contact us through her Mobile while he stayed with her until my Mam got there. Hopefully someone will see this that knows him and he can see how grateful we are! I will be calling in to thank him in person too.“