Emirates offers $7,000 to passengers of Flight EK521 in compensation

  • Emirates Airlines is reportedly offering $7,000 in financial assistance to each of the passengers of Flight EK521 which crash-landed in Dubai
  • The tickets will also be refunded, the airline said in a statement
  • Some passengers confirmed receiving the email, but others said they have yet to receive it

The Emirates Airlines has reportedly offered $7,000 each in cash assistance to all the passengers of EK521 which crash-landed in Dubai International Airport early this month.

The Dubai flag carrier said in a statement on Thursday, August 11, all the 282 passengers who miraculously survived the crash will be receiving emails to confirm their offer which also include refund of tickets.

“We remain in contact with the passengers and can confirm that Emirates has offered financial assistance to meet their immediate needs,” Gulf News quoted the airline’s spokesperson as saying.

“This includes support for their lost baggage items, as access to the aircraft is still highly restricted while investigations are underway, as well as medical expenses and other incidental expenditures,” the statement added.

Some of the passengers confirmed to Gulf News that they have received the said email. One such passenger is Dr. Shaji Kochukutty who traveled from Thiruvananthapuram, India with four other members of the family; and Anil Varghese who was also aboard the flight which caught fire while attempting to land at the airport alst August 3.

“I just glanced through it and understood there is a compensation of $7000 per passenger, including for the lost luggage and other damages. I have not shared the details with my family. I have been very busy and thought of reading the details properly on the weekend and replying to them after that,” said Dr. Kochukutty whose family now stands to receive $35,000.

Mr. Varghese, on the other hand, said, he wrote back to the airline acknowledging the receipt of the email.

However, some of the passengers have not yet received the email like Aju Ninan from Abu Dhabi and Dr. Dr. Giri Shankar.

Mr. Ninan disclosed that he wrote Emirates an email regarding the compensation and were told to provide some details. But until now, Ninan said they have yet to receive a reply.

All the 282 passengers and 18 crew members survived the crash but one Emirati firefighter lost his life while trying to put out the fire.