Emotional Beyonce: God is real, I’m the result of my grandma’s prayers

  • Well-known singer Beyonce became emotional when asked if God is real
  • The singer said she is a result of her grandmother’s prayers
  • Beyonce added that she feels God’s love wherever she is

“I am a result of my grandmother’s prayers.”

An emotional Beyonce answered when she was asked if God is real.

In an article written by Sublime of Viral4Real, it was disclosed that the moment she was asked if God is real, the well-known singer started remembering how she prays with her mother; and how her mother prays for her well-being, which she does now for her daughter, Blue Ivy.

“I don’t know why I am so fortunate and so blessed. And I know that, my mom always told me, that my grandmother is always in the church lighting candles and praying for her. And I am a result of my grandmother’s prayers. And my mother prays for me all the time. And I pray for my daughter all the time,” Beyonce said.

The singer added that no matter where she is, she can feel the warmth of God’s love.

“God is real. And God lives inside of me. And inside of all of us. And it doesn’t matter where I am, I know that and I feel it. Like right now, I’m hot. You know… it’s love,” she expressed while on the verge of tears.

Moreover, Beyonce said she feels God’s love each time she looks at her husband and child.

“I feel it when I look at my child. I feel it when I look at my husband.  It’s God,” she xpressed.

Watch the video of Beyonce’s emotional answer when asked if God is real: