#EncantadiaPagaspas trends no. 1 on Twitter after Miguel Tanfelix’s appearance

  • #EncantadiaPagaspas trended as the number 1 on Twitter after the appearance of young actor Miguel Tanfelix
  • Tanfelix played the role of Pagaspas in Mulawin when he was only five years old
  • The teen actor appeared in the remake of the telefantasya Encantadia on Wednesday, August 17

The #EncantadiaPagaspas trended as the number one topic on Twitter after the appearance of young actor Miguel Tanfelix in Encantadia, on Wednesday, August 17.

Image capture from AleBarro OFFICIAL’s post via Twitter

StarStruck Kids runner-up Tanfelix appeared in the remake of the telefantasya Encantadia; playing the same role that he played in Mulawin more than 10 years ago, when he was just five years old.

A lot of fans and viewers tweeted about his appearance on Twitter, using the #EncantadiaPagaspas; making the hashtag land immediately on the number 2 spot.

“Ang batang pagaspas sa #Mulawin binata na ngaun #EncantadiaPagaspas [The young Pagaspas in Mulawin is a grown-up man now],” wrote @YummyAi.

“I remember my daughter in HS then is voting for him in Starstruck Kids. #EncantadiaPagaspas,” recalled @sinon_c.

Image capture from CASSIOPEIA's post via Twitter
Image capture from CASSIOPEIA’s post via Twitter

“Can someone please put Pagaspas in Pokemon Go so I can catch and keep him? #EncantadiaPagaspas,” asked @animepuppyeyes.

“From cutie to pogi! #migueltanfelix #EncantadiaPagaspas,” tweeted @MikkaScherzy.”

“Whooo. Mulawins are so Back! #EncantadiaPagaspas Exciting!” expressed @PaulinoJandyl.”

“When Encantadia and Mulawin collides, ratings will surely rise. Great idea GMA. It will be a great twist. #EncantadiaPagaspas,” stated @SaulerVincent.

Pagaspas’ mission in Encantadia is to find Ybarro. He was sent by Reyna Amihan after she felt guilty for being the reason why Ybarro and Alena ended their relationship. After today’s episode, the hashtag made it to the number one spot.

Watch the video of Pagaspas’ appearance in Encantadia on Wednesday, August 17:

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