Ex-BF of Karen Bordador to sue online news sites for mistakenly identifying him as drug dealer

  • Chris Tan blasted online news sites for identifying him as Emilio Lim
  • He said they are endangering the lives of people by posting without verifying
  • He also slammed netizens who are quick to bash without discerning the facts

MANILA, Philippines – Irked after he was mistakenly identified as captured drug suspect Emilio Lim, the ex-boyfriend of radio DJ Karen Bordador vowed to go after the online news sites responsible for the case of mistaken identity.

In his interview with ABS-CBN, businessman Chris Tan slammed the online news sites who mistakenly posted his old picture with Bordador when they published the story about her and Lim’s arrest in his Pasig City condo unit over the weekend. He said they endangered the lives of people by wantonly posting without verifying.

“Kaduda-duda talaga eh, hindi sila nagre-research eh, basta banat lang ng banat [It’s really unbelievable, they don’t research, but they just keep on posting], they’re endangering lives of people,” he said.

“It’s very damaging ‘yung ginagawa nila eh [what they’re doing], you know a person’s reputation is at stake, I’m a private person, I’m not involved in any drug dealings or drugs,” he added.

Tan also slammed netizens who bashed him; saying they should discern the truth first before making judgments.

“Hindi nagve-verify, hindi nagdi-discern, hindi nag-iisip, agad-agad attack, agad-agad judgment sila tapos gusto nila hatol na, at sa kapag sila manghusga grabe,” he said.

[They don’t verify, discern or think, but quickly attack and make judgments, and after that they want the punishment, the way they judge is unbelievable.]

Tan added that Lim should at least vindicate Bordador amid her claim that she was just visiting him when the buy-bust operation took place.

Tan and Bordador were contestants on the reality show ‘I Do’ and broke up last year.

At least one online news site, newstrendsph, has apologized for the mix-up on Tan’s Facebook account.