Father caught on cam repeatedly hitting his child with wood now in jail, thanks to a brave citizen

  • Concerned citizen captures video of a father repeatedly spanking his son with a piece of wood
  • The incident regularly happens according to the uploader
  • The father on the viral video is now in jail

Thanks to the bravery of a concerned citizen — the father caught on video spanking his son in a very pitiful way is now in jail.

The father has been identified as Aladin Callos of Sta. Elena, Camarines Norte.

In the comments section of the Facebook video, the uploader Janer Andal Ma Alyziel disclosed that the father frequently spanked his son.

She narrated that the latest hitting was due to a small piece of meat eaten by the child which earned the father’s ire; enough to spank him with a wood continuously.

In the video, the voice of the uploader can be heard giving warning to the father to stop or else she will report him to the DSWD with the video as her evidence.

But the father retaliates by warning back at Janer that she should not interfere.

The good news, as disclosed in another comment by the uploader, is that the father’s now in jail after a councilor in their area intervened.

“Gud eve po sa inyong lahat, Kakauwi q LNG po awa po ng dyos nakakulong na po c aladin.”

[Good evening to all of you. I just got home and with God’s mercy, Aladin is now in jail.]

She added that the seven-year-old child is now under the custody of the DSWD.

As claimed by another netizen in the FB comments, who apparently lives nearby, the parents make their child steal and the mother uses another child, a baby, as a way to steal.

Meanwhile, netizens praised Janer for her bravery while showing pity for the child:

“Buti hnd k natakot n i video,,,, bka kung ano gawin sau n aladin,,, ingat buntis! Kawawa yung bata grabe!!”

[It is good that you were brave enough to take the video, Aladin might do something to you. Be wary, preggy! The poor kid.]

“Grbi kawawa aman un mga bta bkt pha cla nag ank qong ganyan din aman ang gagawin nila mgA bliw nga yata mga yn mukha plang nung lalaki,»:”

[So pityful child, why did they even have a child if they will only do such acts, the man perhaps is crazy, by the looks of him]

“Ai grabe naman ho ang ama, Wala ba ‘yang ina.. Naiiyak ako na napanood ko. hayop ‘yan ‘di ‘yan tao.”

[The father is so wicked. Doesn’t the child have a mother? I cried after watching. That’s so inhumane.]

Meanwhile, this incident is also to remind parents that child abuse is punishable according to the “Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act”.



  1. mabuti naman at nakulong sana madala na iyang ama siya kaya ang paluin ng kahoy na marami ano kaya ang mamaiisip nia di ba masasaktan rin sia kaya ingat lagi lalu na anak nio iyan at hindi hayop kahit na hayop pa man din igalang pa rin natin dahil ang hayup may feelings rin at nasasaktan tao pa kaya?

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