FB user seeks help for 5-yr-old boy with colostomy bag who suffered third degree burns from boiling oil

  • A Facebook user took pity on a 5-year-old kid who needs help badly
  • Ronald suffered third degree burns after he accidentally  sits in a huge pan of boiling oil 11 months ago
  • He has undergone two operations and colostomy
  • Family of Ronald lacks finances to buy him required medicine and healthy foods

Photos of a pitiful child with huge fresh scars on his back and anus is touching the hearts of netizens.

According to the uploader of the photos, five-year-old Ronald of Binmaley, Pangasinan, suffered from third degree burns 11 months ago after he accidentally fell in a big pan (kawa) of boiling oil.

Raymond Millapre narrated that the child has already undergone colostomy – a ‘surgical formation of an artificial anus by making an opening from the colon through the abdominal wall.’ It can be seen in one of the boy’s photos.

The little boy – who’s still experiencing much pain –  is unable to receive proper medication as his family lacks the financial means to purchase the required medicine and healthy foods to help the boy recuperate better. Hence, healing has been a very slow process.

His parents only sell fishball, mango, sometimes siomai and earns only enough for their daily needs.

Out of compassion for the child, Millapre decided to seek help for his family through Facebook.

His post received a lot of response from netizens. Some even advised him to forward his post to the ‘Wish Ko lang’ program of GMA Network or to government agencies.

The family of Ronald may be contacted through his mother Paz Tejam via phone number 09438541836 or you may visit him at 567 Gayaman, Binmaley, Pangasinan.