Formerly obese teacher flaunts wearing bikini to celebrate a ‘drastic weight loss story’

  • 29-year-old woman had undergone surgeries and strict dieting to lose 83kgs and another 4.5kg of excess skin
  • Trimming down procedures almost cost her life
  • Mallory Buettner now smiles with confidence, flaunting her shapely figure wearing a bikini

“Finally I can wear a bikini.”

A lady who was earlier frustrated over dieting for a long time to trim down her weight  now smiles with confidence; flaunting her shapely figure wearing a bikini.

Mallory Buettner, 29, a primary school teacher who had undergone surgeries and strict dieting to lose 83kgs and another 4.5kg of excess skin, flaunted her now whistle-bait body wearing a bikini she photographed and sent to her mom and sister after struggling a drastic weight loss story.

The lady from Quinte West, Ontario, Canada openly shared her ‘life after going under the knife’ story to advice obese people desperate of losing weight to seek medical experts’ professional knowledge in their practice before pursuing weight loss goals.

She gave her advice; reiterating that trimming down procedures almost cost her life when she experienced surgery complications. Gladly, she survived.

“It has not been easy that’s for sure. I now know that surgery is hard and recovery is much harder. I’ve made sacrifices and it is not the easy way out like I thought,” Mallory said.

Mallory recounted she had to back off from a supposed wedding with her ex-fiance. She was forced to choose between her health and husband-to-be.

Mallory, who then reached 190kgs, underwent a gastric bypass surgery two years ago to save her life.

After years of failed diets, Mallory has agreed to doctors’ recommendation, following a consultation in November 2013, for her to undergo surgery.

In the six months after the surgery, Mallory shed 9kgs per month.

Over the last year, she lost another 4.5kgs and weighed 85kgs.

Aspiring for a more shapely contour, she underwent surgery to remove her excess skin. She had an extended abdominoplasty which removed 4.5kgs of skin from her stomach and 36cm from elbows down to ribs.

Enduring surgery complications which resulted to hematoma which were later removed, Mallory sported a new look a couple of months later; making her into a more confident teacher who can cope up with the energy of her students.