Watch: French gymnast who broke leg accidentally dropped by Rio paramedics

  • Rio paramedics accidentally dropped French gymnast who suffered gruesome leg injury
  • Video showed gymnast’s stretcher suddenly dropping while being loaded into an ambulance
  • Frenchman vowed to heal and return to the 2020 Olympics, is already walking

That’s an oops.

A video showing French gymnast Samir Ait Said appearing to be dropped by Rio paramedics as they were loading him into an ambulance has been going viral; with viewers sympathizing with the unfortunate athlete’s plight while lambasting the medical personnel.

In the video, the paramedics can be seen trying to load the stretcher carrying the injured Said into an ambulance when it appeared to suddenly drop. Fortunately, two of the personnel were able to catch the end of the stretcher.

Many of those who viewed the video pitied Said; saying it was bad enough he already broke his leg in a gruesome way and yet had to suffer another drop which must have added to his excruciation.

A few also defended the paramedics; saying they might just have been lowering the stretcher to fit it into the ambulance. However, they were quickly shot down by those who said stretchers are not lowered when being fitted into ambulances. They were also told that judging by the seemingly sudden reaction of the paramedics, the stretcher was apparently falling.

Return to 2020 Olympics

On a positive note, Said — who was rushed to the hospital following the accident — showed a picture of himself walking with assistance again and vowed to return to the 2020 Olympics.

“Believe me the adventure of Tokyo 2020 is still possible. And as soon as I’m back on my feet I’ll be back in training and searching for that Olympic gold,” the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.

Said also praised his teammates for keeping their composure and said he is backing them all the way.

“I’m behind all my pals,” Said said. “They managed to keep their act together after my fall. That must have been really difficult. They were real warriors. So come on boys, be strong, I’m with you,” he said.