Girl, parents drown after former’s selfie attempts caused her to fall into a river

  • Young Pakistani girl drowned in Kunhal river while attempting to take selfie
  • Parents of the girl jumped into the river and died trying to save her
  • The couple, both doctors, were in the area with their three kids for a holiday

PESHAWAR, Pakistan – An 11-year-old girl drowned in a tragic accident which happened on Tuesday after she fell into a river while attempting to take a selfie. Stunned parents jumped into the water in a desperate bid to save their daughter but they, unfortunately, died too.

As per an ABS-CBN News story, the unfortunate incident happened at Kunhar River, a body of water that flows through Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, at a hilly tourist spot in Beesian village; some 200 kilometers north of Islamabad.

Locals in the area said the river is deep, rocky and fast flowing, but it’s a popular spot for white-water rafting.

“The girl, Safia Atif, was trying to take a selfie along the river when she slipped and fell,” said local police official Arshad Khan.

Safia’s mother, Shazia Atif, saw her daughter being swept in by strong water current and without hesitation jumped into the river to save her. Sadly, the loving mother was also swept away.

The head of the family, upon seeing that his wife and daughter were in grave danger, also jumped in to save them both, but he too perished.

It turns out that the parents were doctors from Punjab province and were on holiday in the area with their family. The incident was witnessed by the couple’s nine-year-old daughter and six-year-old son along with other tourists.

The kids are now in the protective custody of the local administration and will be handed over to their family members, as disclosed by Khan.

One local official said that several sign boards are put up in the area to warn tourists not to go near the river, but despite that, every year, a dozen or so people drown in that area for not heeding the safety warnings.

“This is a tourist spot and people usually come here for a picnic and most of them are outsiders who have no idea about the depth of the river,” he added.