Google launches its own video calling app “Duo”

  • Google’s Duo, a video-calling app for one-on-one interactions, is now live.
  • Duo works on Android and iOS, it is a simple 1-to-1 video calling app
  • The app will take on Skype and FaceTime

LOS ANGELES, California – Google Inc launched its own video calling app Duo on August 15 which is set to be released globally.

Earlier this year at the annual Google I/O conference, Google had announced that they are releasing Duo and a new messaging app called Allo.

Google’s Duo, developed for one-on-one interactions, claimed to be simpler than other video calling apps available. The new app is set to work on both Android as well as iOS.

The users will need only the mobile number to reach out to people and no separate account is required to sign in on Duos.

Duo is already being compared to FaceTime of Apple and Skype of Microsoft on the basis of its interface and simple operation methods from start to end.

Duo app has an inbuilt feature named as ‘Knock Knock’ for Android users. The feature let users see live video of callers before they answer even on locked screen; giving the receiver a sense of what the callers are up to and why they want to chat.

However, the feature is not available for iOS users but live preview video can be seen if the iOS user have the app open.

“Video-calling is the next big thing, but it has been full of friction in terms of user experience, and there are trust issues. You need a good network, a good time to do a video call,” said Google Product Manager Amit Fulay as quoted in an article by The Indian Express.

“So we decided to create an app that is really simple and felt inviting. With Duo, we want to make it as simple as voice-calling,” he added.

Duo app works easily with slow connections also making it possible to continue call with fluctuating network speed. Call quality adjusts to changing network conditions to keep the users connected on the call.

The app can also have a seamless transition of connection between cellular to WiFi without dropping the call in progress.

The app is expected to be live worldwide in next few days.

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