Grandpa stuns passengers, shows stunts on a train after being offered “elderly” seat

  • An old man was offered “elderly seat” on Rio subway, what he did next shocked everyone.
  • The old man performed a stunt by holding the pole and lifting himself completely parallel with floor to show why he don’t need the designated seat.
  • Grandson shared the incident on Twitter with grandpa’s stunt images. The post has been shared more than 100,000 times appreciating his grandpa’s fitness

Rio De Janeiro, BRAZIL – A 68-year-old man, stunned everyone with his amazing fitness in a recent incident that happened on a subway train in Brazil.

The old man was attending Olympics with his grandson and was traveling on a train when someone offered him a seat designated for old and handicapped people.

The old man did not only refuse the offer politely with a shake of his head but went on to perform a stunt by holding a pole and lifting himself completely parallel within the train floor.

The grandson, 19-year-old Britton Barker, who was accompanying the old man, later posted his grandpa’s stunt pictures on twitter.

The tweet made by his grandson Britton has gone viral and received more than 100,000 shares and more than 140 thousand likes of social media users who marveled at his incredible fitness.

“Someone offered my grandpa a preferred seat for elderly people on the subway and he did this” and posted grandpa’s pictures while he was pulling stunts in public,” Britton said.

An article by Nicola Oakley for Mirror Co UK said that the photos of the grandpa made everyone shocked, as he showcased his trained “gymnast-like” performance and showed all why he don’t need that seat designated for old people in his own style.

One of the online users wondered why he was even being offered a seat when there were others, saying: “That’s awesome. But why would someone offer him a seat when there are vacant seats available?”

Another user named Chris Langley explained that passengers can be fined in some places for not vacating the seats officially labeled for use by the elderly, however, another person argued it’s not illegal in Brazil.